Monday, August 10, 2020
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Motley Travels and Logistics Limited was founded in 2011 on the belief that providing customers with exceptional value would keep them coming back. That belief is the foundation of our success.

We provide vacation planning services for clients all over Nigeria and has retail locations in several partner hotels in Abuja. With specialists in the areas of, International travel, group travel, Tour Vacations, and Religious Mission travel. we can assist just about anyone in planning their dream vacation.

Motley Travels and Logistics Limited is headquartered today in Abuja, Nigeria. Our association with other Travel Network allows us to offer our clients even more benefits. We are very proud of the depth of knowledge our travel specialists have obtained over the years. We are happy to have you speak with one of our staff on a certain area that you are interested in.

To speak to a travel professional you can call our nationwide call center number at +234 (0)-703-888-1962, +234 (0)-805-709-7733.

We broker chartering of aircraft and helicopters worldwide. We find the right aircraft for the required number of passengers, the purpose of the flight, as well as the status and budget of the customer. We offer far more aircraft types and flight options than any single airline. Our quotations are completely free of charge.

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