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Farin Ruwa Waterfalls

Farin Ruwa Falls is a waterfall found in the central region of Nigeria. It is among the highest waterfalls in Nigeria. It is significant among Africa's falls when the total height covered by the waterfall is considered.

The source of Farin Ruwa falls is found on the Nasarawa State, from whence it gushes down over the edge of the Nasarawa. During its descent from the Jos Plateau, the water drops a total height of about 150 metres (492 ft). This drop is higher compared to the more popular Victoria Falls, which drops a height of around 108 metres (354 ft) during its descent.


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Set out of an adventure of about 200km from Abuja, driving through Keffi, a major town in Nassarawa state on a well laid road network which leaves you with no other option than to enjoy a smooth ride on your desired adventure. Further drive through the bustling town of Akwanga, 36km away is the Wamba town that hosts this magnificent waterfall. You get to drive past small villages with quite some interesting names, like Sisimbaki, Mama and some others. From Sisimbaki, the road that leads to the waterfalls is quite a rough one and you get to have the feel af adventure flowing through your spine. The town is surrounded by hills and some knd of thick vegetation.
At Messenge, there is a musterpoint where the chase begins. You have options to do the long walk to the waterfalls or take a bike. Moving with the group is much fun and you get to burn those calories you havent had the opportunity to burn out. Farin Ruwa waterfall is a great place to spend quality time with nature and reflecting on personal notes. 
Before your adventure is over, you will be treated to lunch and barbeque with light refreshment.

What you will love:

 • Nature walk through the woods accompanied by sonorious sounds of birds chipping and telling you welcome into the magnificent and alluring waterfall. 
 • About 6km walk from Messenge to the waterfall, you will find local huts and the smple living of the inhabitanta of the villages.


Transportation is from Abuja. Travel insurance is included your trip.


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