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Many have often wondered where are the places to visit in Nigeria? What are there to do? For most people, the thought of Nigeria as a destination leaves some kind of void in their minds and they are quick to fall back to the thoughts of vacationing in Europe, the Americas and more easily accessible Dubai until the covid-19 struck.

In all of these mind processing and battle of wits, where does the average Nigerian find him/herself in the travel bracket......well, the saying that "what you go looking for in Sokoto is right in your sokoto".

Nigeria is blessed with many tourist attractions scattered around the country. These destinations offer breathtaking views and experiences, catering for both the old and young, rich and not so wealthy. But then again comes the challenge of accessibility due to the lack of road network and other infrastructure necessary to aide the promotion of these destinations.

Infrastructure is very important in the scheme of tourism development, but before we dwell on that, the obvious recurring decimal here is the fact that a lot of Nigerians only know these places by virtue of what they have been told or seen on television. Many wish and love to visit these places but perish that thought when they think of the hassles they have to go through in visiting these places.

To navigate these waters, Motley has over the years come into the fray of showcasing these destinations to Nigerians and inbound tourists alike. We have moved people in thousands across the length and breath of Nigeria exposing them to beautiful destinations. Many have become ambassadors of domestic tourism, many have even gone to harness their passion in exploring and a few have even gone further to make a career, just by telling their travel story in the social space.

For sure,  everyone cannot be in the business of showing people around on vacations and for certain there are millions of people who are yet to explore Nigeria on vacation. This is where Motley comes in to fill the gap and has been doing that consecutively over the years. Despite obvious challenges, we have kept at what we know how to do best - providing vacation experiences to meet all strata of the society.

Where have you visited in Nigeria? How many States have you explored? Would you like to make a pick from the various options we have curated for you? Click on the button below to start your navigation and start to plan that exciting vacation experience you deserve.

The borders are getting more restricted, travel is becoming more local and we are your plug to making this happen.

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