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The Implications of Dollar rise to Holiday Travels

These are definitely not the best of times for the Nigeria economy. The last few weeks has seen an unabated rise in the dollar and a consistent fall in the value of the naira. As Nigerians continue to groan under these tough times, the big question is, how does this play out in the travel space?, especially as we approach the travel season in December, when people jostle to go for holidays with family and friends.

The harsh reality of following strict protocols of the Covid-19 - pre and post departure, has now been further stretched with the unfriendly scenarios in the dollar rise. With the average holiday maker looking forward to a memorable time with family and friends, the odds are getting higher and adaptation seem to be the only way out of the quagmire of meeting travel needs.

Travel costs are definitely going to shoot up or has already shot up, thereby making international travels a hard reach for most people in the country. Average cost of PCR tests and quarantine charges is put at about N200,000 (subject to the exchange rate fluctuations) per person, coupled with the outrageous fares due to the rise in the exchange rate, the options available to travelers, is to look inward and resort to travel locally.

Why would you want to spend so much hard earned money just to have an experience that you could also have in Nigeria. Some airlines now prefer to collect fares in Dollars, making the traveler go in search of the currency at a ridiculous rate. This is the current reality, at least in the coming months.

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