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Daring Adventure

The Daring Adventure that led me to the Python's Den

Sit back and let me take you on a narrative of how my weekend adventure to the snake farm, just along the Abuja - Keffi road, went.

So I set out with a tourist, who had indicated interest in visiting the snake farm for a well deserved getaway - of course, after a long time being boxed up in the routine of work and more work. Anyways, several things make up reasons why we should, once in a while, embrace the outdoors.

We set out as arranged. There were 4 persons in the car and we were all set to face the adventure, driving through the busy roads on the countryside with interesting views of people, who went about their normal day activities. Despite being a weekend, you could see businesses carrying on like any other day. One is left to wonder if and how people give themselves, breaks to catch some breath and really get to live life outside the shell they have built around themselves.

It took about an hour drive to arrive at the farm. We had some ample time to talk about pockets of stuff while on the trip. As we pulled over to the parking lot, one could feel the excitement of escaping the bustles of Abuja city and a breath of fresh air, as cars, breeze along the highway.

We were greeted by the signpost "The Snake Farm", overlooking a large expanse of land which played host to different farm activities ranging from green houses, stable, dairy, sport and other economic activities, beautifully laid out with lots of greenery to grace our arrival.

The tour started promptly as the monkeys, ostriches and other animals put up a display as if to say welcome. We were led to the section where the different species of snakes were kept. I was determined to have a good time with the python because I had seen a couple of pictures taken at the python temple in Ouidah, in Benin Republic. It was to be a good opportunity to replicate that experience here in our space. Prior to getting to the farm, my clients had decided not to have anything to do with the snakes. I chuckled within me and i was determined to cajole them into experiencing it. 

As expected, I made the move and requested to have a play time with one of the pythons. At first, it looked like it was not going to happen, but alas, I had the python gently placed on my shoulder and curled around my neck. The feeling was smooth, cool and slimy. Lol. Interestingly, my co- travelers got the courage to try it out and the rest became history.

We made our way for lunch and some relaxation. Good and tasty meal was served and chilled drinks to drive the food down the tract of life.

You probably at this juncture, may not see yourself doing this, but I can assure you its not as difficult as you think. Its a great way to conquer your fears and see things beyond the cosmetic difficulty they portray on the surface. 

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