Friday, June 05, 2020

A key component in providing you with the excellent customer service is the person who will be representing our company to you and who is responsible for our overall relationship. You will be assigned an experienced, industry-savvy Account Manager who will work closely with you in assuring you not only receive the best quality service available, but also will be focused on your second objective: reducing T&E costs. She will accomplish this by focusing her efforts on understanding and evaluating current policies, procedures, and negotiated discount programs in place and benchmark those programs with the benchmarking tools we have

During the implementation phase, Mariam will guide you on establishing a foundation on how we will work with you and be judged by you in the future. Reducing your T&E costs will be a primary focus. The framework for this program will be as follows:

  • Establish a business plan that will become the basis for future reviews.
  • Define future objectives.
  • Introduce ongoing initiatives.
  • Facilitate problem solving.
  • Determine how cost-saving initiatives will be evaluated.

From this, We will be able to work very closely with you in monitoring our progress in meeting and exceeding your stated objectives.

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