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My Badagry Tour Experience

Highly recommended. Bright who was my driver and guide together with two local guides did a great job of introducing the history of Badagry. I learnt a lot. The slave trade ended in the 1880s and after visiting its clear how recent this is. The descendants of Seriki Williams Abass who built and managed the slave trade facilities at Badagry are still living right there. More people should visit Nigeria and more people should visit Badagry.

From Victoria Island, the drive there takes around three hours, depending on traffic. The road varies wildly from modern highway to patches of just sand. Badagry is close to the border with Benin and we were stopped by immigration police. Bright had told me to bring a copy of my passport and visa which turned out to be vital. I witnessed a group of smugglers being slapped around by the police. Bright handled the situation expertly and we were able to travel onwards after only a brief stop.

We added in a stop to have jollof rice on the way back. Highly recommended! If you’re into coffee you better bring your own. Water and snacks can be bought at the museum.


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