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Over 120 different commercial aircraft available for charter - airliners, executive jets, turbo props, twin piston planes, cargo aircraft and helicopters.

Our personnel's knowledge ensure expertise for all kinds of charter flights, small or large. We are not in any way limited to the Nordic states. We operate nationwide.

Hundreds of scheduled flights - but not when you need them?

Even if the place you want to go to has both an airport and scheduled traffic, the schedule may not be what you need. Too many transfers or simply the wrong time of day? We have a solution for that.

Hundreds of airfields - but no scheduled air traffic?

There are thousands of airfields. Probably very close to where you want to go. Most of them have no scheduled air traffic, so you can't just buy a ticket and go there, no matter what you are willing to pay. We have a solution for that too!

Hundreds of different fares - but not the one you want?

Perhaps your party is large and your'e looking for a better deal than the scheduled airlines offer. Again, we have a solution.

The solution is a chartered aircraft.

  • Without time consuming transfers at congested airports.
  • Without having to wait for a departure time, set to someone else's needs.
  • Without long haul ground transportation to reach your final destination.
  • Often at a surprisingly affordable fare.
  • We will find that aircraft for you. Quickly, efficiently and at the best available rate.

We are advisors, not aircraft operators. We give you far better possibilities to select the transportation alternative best suited to your requirements.

We are independent and work only for you

The staff has over 8 years of combined aviation experience from brokerage and from scheduled and charter airlines. We are completely unbiased in our choice of the best operator to fit your needs. We have no financial ties to any airline and work strictly with your best interest in mind. This is your guarantee.

The right plane at the right price

By requesting offers from literally all aircraft operators with suitable equipment for the mission in question, we save time and money for our clients. We will get you the right plane at the right price. Every time.

This is what using Motley aircraft charter services means to you:

  • Time saved. One call covers the entire airline industry.
  • No need for you to search the marketplace.
  • Speedier offers. Our market expertise enables us to work more efficiently.
  • Free quotations. We never charge for quotations, without regard to the amount of work we put in.
  • No extra cost. The aircraft operators cover our fee. Our price will be exactly the same as theirs.
  • Discretion. Who goes where and when, is your business. Nobody else's.

You make the call. We make it easy!

More airports available with chartered aircraft

With chartered aircraft you have access to many more airports than with scheduled flights, often much closer to your destination.

We work with all well renowned aircraft operators providing high quality aircraft and complying with the regulations set forth by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority. If you need a business jet, we'll get you one. If you need a jumbo jet, we'll get that too. Or any other type of small or large aircraft. Cargo planes, propjets or helicopters - you name them. We supply all kinds of aircraft for all kinds of missions. Anytime you need them. Anywhere you want them.

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