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Gurara Waterfall, Niger State

This impressive waterfall is an hour drive from Abuja. It is 30 metres tall with a span of up to 200 metres across, dependent on the season. There are two main streams of water crashing over the cliff face, however during the height of rainy season the whole cliff face is engulfed by a formidable curtain of white water.

The atmosphere gets charged with excitement with transit vibes created to set the trip rolling, as you are taken through the beautiful vast landscape adorned with a couple of local settlements along the route to the waterfall.

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Your adventure at the Gurara Waterfalls starts with a pick up from a departure point at an agreed time. Ensure to have packed your trip essentials to have maximum fun.

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We can pick you up from your hotel in Abuja at an agreed time. Your tour guide runs you through the activities and reminds you to ensure you are not leaving anything behind that you may need during your trip.

As you drive away from the city centre, you will enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains. There may be a brief stop at the Zuma Rock for you to take some pictures. Zuma rock is a magnificent monolith rock that is unique especially with the human face embedded on the rock as you approach.

Hold your breath as you arrive at the beautiful waterfall, welcoming you with sounds of the cascading waters running from the top of the rock down to a base where you will eventually be able to swim and have other activities. More like a picnic feel.

Enjoy the view and the decent to the picnic area, from where (depending on the time of the year), you will be able to hike up to the base of the waterfall. Other activities you will enjoy include: boat riding, fishing and taking of beautiful pictures.

You will also have some personal time for yourself to let nature sink into you and get refreshed and rejuvenated. if you have some personal beverages, this is a great time to sip and admire the beauty of nature with some music to your soul.

After all the fun and excitement of the waterfall, it is time to depart. You may need some extra strenght to hike back up to the parking area where transportation will be waiting for you. While you head back to Abuja, you will definitely want to take a nap but not so deep before you are pulled over at a nearby restaurant for a sumptious lunch to energize you for the rest of the trip back home.

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