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Motley Travels and Logistics is a reputable travel management company formed with the sole purpose of rendering quality travel service to corporate organizations and individuals who are high net worth travelers. 

Last minute meetings, client consultations and critical deadlines are part of the demanding and challenging world of corporate travel. Are you willing to sift through the entire many variables that affect the price, timing, comfort and convenience of your business travel? At MOTLEY, we have the unique advantage of being both locally owned and globally known. With our many years of experience in the specialty of business travel, we can provide the best solution in the industry- the MOTLEY Travel Plan. 
The MOTLEY team continually adapts to meet your changing needs in four main areas:
C - Cost Containment and Control
A - Accessibility and Advanced Communications
R - Reliability and Responsiveness
E - Expertise and Experience  

Reliability and Responsiveness

"Your travel management is our number one priority!"
We deliver on our service commitment every day to organizations. In fact in our effort to work for you we have embraced the following 10 Customer Commitments.

10 Customer Commitments: 

1. MOTLEY people are certified travel professionals. Every MOTLEY counselor undergoes extensive customer service and quality assurance training.
2. Every MOTLEY agent offers a complete range of travel management services.
3. MOTLEY clients are not kept waiting. Every phone, fax, or email inquiry is returned within an hour. Telephone calls are answered within three rings. And you are never on hold more than 30 seconds. Every inquiry by e-mail, telephone or fax will be returned within the hour.
4. MOTLEY reservations are subject to our multi-point Quality Control Assurance Check and reconfirmed with our client by phone, fax, or email prior to documentation. Our standard is to have reservations 100% error-free.
5. MOTLEY travel documents are subject to our multi-point Quality Assurance Check prior to delivery or pickup. Our standard is a "no-surprises" travel itinerary with information that is 100% accurate and "worry free".
6. MOTLEY is committed to providing the best possible fares and value without compromising service or quality.
7. MOTLEY knows information is the key to controlling travel costs, so we work with you to analyze your needs and provide you with alternatives that minimize cost and maximize choice and value.
8. Within their first month with us, every new MOTLEY client will be offered our exclusive On-stream Servicing Program.
9. Every client's experience with us is important - so we closely monitor our performance for every client with our customized "Complete Customer Care" program.
10. We will resolve any complaint about our services and respond to any complaint about the service of a MOTLEY Preferred Supplier within 48 hours.
"You can depend on the MOTLEY experts!"
Internet fare searches, policy monitoring, e-ticket tracking/refunding, complex itinerary development, using international fare consolidators, accessing "sold out" inventory, automated fare and seat searches, creative pricing alternatives…these are just a few daily tasks of a MOTLEY travel professional. Our unique capabilities combined with proven technology and management systems have resulted in unparalleled service and loyal satisfied customers. In an industry where change is constant, only a knowledgeable, competent staff can adapt quickly. That means we invest in training and programs to keep us in the forefront of travel management. Other organizations may copy our systems, but they can never match our people. 

You Can Depend on MOTLEY For:

Dedicated, personalized support from an experienced account management team.
· The latest in data management systems that ensure your requirements are documented, secure, and up-to-date.
· Creative options for cost-effective travel, whether for individual or group, business or pleasure.
· Quality assurance using sophisticated technology and hands on management.
· Support of your management objectives in every recommendation and consultation we make.
MOTLEY is large enough to have all the right tools to manage and support your policies and procedures and small enough to customize them for you.
· An attentive, dedicated and focused owner whose business depends on your continued satisfaction.
MOTLEY is uniquely positioned to offer the clout of a global network of resources aligned with a local agency of travel management specialists - all working for you to provide the best travel alternatives, the optimum in cost-containment and the highest caliber of service.
We are available for further discussions on this business relationship.
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