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Amazing amazing time

Ummul Kalthumi Yusuf

Had an amazing time with my boo! Thanks @motleytravels you have added a new dimension to vacation.

Diana Young-Dede

It was such an awesome experience and an opportunity to get 2 know about the history of Naija. I and @mrssodiq will choose Motley Travels over and over again

Sulaimon Sodiq

A great and wonderful experience during December 2017 Obudu Mountain Tour! Please note, moving forward; Timeliness is of essence, also consider making meal tickets for the duration of the tour available to tourists on arrival to ease agitations while waiting to collect meal tickets. Lastly, ensuring that your staff are positioned not only at the take-off point but also at the destination point of every event for proper coordination. Thank you Motley for the wonderful experience! Looking forward to having more of this fun filled experience.

Iwamidu Johnson olusegun

The snake road view....captured from cable favourite adventure.

Olayimika Soretire

Good morning all. On behalf of my wife, I wish to appreciate Motley for organizing this trip to Obudu. I have personally being planning this for some time without success. Furthermore, with this, Motley is advertising the so many positives that Nigeria as a country has to offer to the world. This note would not be complete if I do not point out some areas for improvements. First and most importantly is the visit to the Egaga waterfalls. In advertising the waterfalls one is misled to believe that it is just about endurance alone. The attendant risk is not adequately and fully communicated. I still marvel and indeed consider it a miracle that all those who embarked on that trip came back in one piece. But we cant continue to rely on pure luck alone. One slight slip and fall would be fatal. To avoid this I will suggest the following. First, anyone who intends to embark on the trip should provide a proof that he/she is medically fit. Second, he/she should sign a disclaimer absorbing Motley from any liability should injury or death occur. Third, only experienced climbers should be allowed to go. Fourth , the journey should not be started anytime beyond 1pm so that everyone can return before 6pm. Fifth, there should be a roll call of the climbers before and after to ensure that everyone is accounted for. I hope I am not sounding too serious, but I think safety should be a priority for tourists to continue to enjoy these marvelous services that Motley is pioneering. Finally, I wish to really commend the Services and professionalism of the Egaga visit guide in ensuring that everyone was adequately supported. Thanks to everyone and wishing you a prosperous new year.


Prosperous new year to you and your lovely family Mark. Your crew in my judgement did work as a team which is commendable.

I do not have regrets choosing to embark on this vacation to Obudu with Motley. I love what you guys are doing. Outside the issue with the broken vehicle, all the reps including Patrick were at their best. I can recall seeing Patrick at our accommodation past mid night with electrician to sort out issues that we had.

Personally, I had so much fun at Obudu ranch with Sarah.

My thanks to Patrick, Bamidele, Mark, Mark’s wife, Mama Fubara (My source of Vit C), my Lagos flat mates, the Lagos crew for their lift? to Enugu (they were awesome), other tourists that we interacted one way or the other and to Sarah my main buddy ?.

I would suggest that a comparison should be made between the route to Obudu via Calabar and via Enugu to determine which is shorter as I have a feeling the Enugu route is shorter.

I wish us all a very prosperous and fulfilling 2018

Well done Motley team

Josh Martins

Was a great time in Obudu. Is only people that got to igaga waterfall will understand. I am proud I made it and came back.

Hilary Okoli

Obudu was fun and worth it. Dont hesitate to go. Experience of a lifetime. Bucket list check

Julius Fadairo

Abuja crew landed safely... .Glory be to God. Dear Motley God bless you. I had a swell time in Obudu

Enebeli Okwanuzor

Despite the lapses experienced on return, we truly had fun and I say without a shadow of doubt that we shall do it again with Motley...

Esther Fubara

This is my 7th trip with Motley and 2nd time in Obudu with Motley. If they are not good i wont go again and again so no reason to be scared

Nwachukwu Lisa

Well I have been reading ALL the comments and complaints but I think we should just let it all go. Motley crew has tried for a Nigerian travel company amidst all these unforeseen challenges beyond their control (fuel scarcity, unmaintained facilities in Obudu, bad roads etc). I personally wonder whether they’ll make any profit at all. I must also commend them for their polite responses to people on this platform even though I’m sure they are equally frustrated with the issues.?

Sannom Jessica

Thanks Motley and team for giving me a pleasurable experience. My trip to Obudu Cattle Ranch was a best decision. I explored the mountain, made new friends and enjoyed every activity. The experiences are wonderful memories and worth every penny. Looking forward to my next trip already.

Also thanks to Mr Patrick and other wonderful reps who made sacifices during our stay even when it meant working throughout the cold freezing night to ensure our needs were met.

Once again thanks for showcasing Nigeria at its best. I almost forgot this was my country. Kudos to Motley Travels


In all it is good to know a company takes Nigerian tourism serious enough to make it a business this I appreciate and they try. Logistics though need a little more and it will be 99.9% but now I give you 75%. How do you pressure the facility providers to ensure you deliver to you customer? How do you ensure the transport company is better at delivery? Some of the trips could be flight options eg Lagos to Enugu then d drive to Obudu? Anyone can pay a little extra for this. Same as Abuja to Obudu any one who can afford can do this while the bus option remains.
If these can be sorted it’s a great experience once in it. All the best and keep it up

Habiba ali

Assertively, you are doing great so far but definitely itineraries for the day should be times, games included. Motley tours so far is quite professional and very security conscious which is my catch phrase when am recommending you to friends.

Onuba Ngozi

Getting to the peak of Oke Idanrehills and seeing the old town and the exhilarating views. So far it has been an A okay trip, not much to complain about. Keep it up!!!

Onuba Ngozi

The meeting point of cold and warm water. The joint meeting with Ewi of Ado Ekiti and Gov. Peter Fayose

Okechukwu Nwachukwu

The facilities in Ikogosi were not properly maintained. Kindly do a pre-inspection of facilities before checking-in future tourists into them.

Lisa Nwachukwu

I will suggest that as we make or embark on our journeys, somebody can help to mention the towns and villages

Gloria Agunu