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Abuja City Tour

Federal Capital Territory
Tour Type: City Tour
5 - 6 Hours
N27,000 Starting Per Person

Explore The Beautiful City of Abuja

Leisure comes to everyone, how you spend it, is what makes the difference. This tour avails you the opportunity to explore the beautiful city of Abuja and the sights that makes it truly the capital city of Nigeria. 

There's an adventure for you to engage in after that meeting or long day conference and you need to unwind, relax and rejuvenate. 

Explore Abuja beyond the texts and put images behind your visit as beautifully curated for you by Motley.
Package Included/Excluded
  • Pick-up and Drop-off
  • Snacks & Goody Bag
  • Bottled Water
  • Access Fees
  • Airconditioned Vehicle
  • Lunch
  • Cruise Rides
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Pick - Up
We can pick you up from your hotel or home with Abuja.
Abuja National Mosque / Ecumenical Center
30 Minutes
Enjoy a comprehensive tour of the National mosque with an experienced tour guide who takes you through the beautiful architectural design, norms and some basic teachings. You can have as many photoshoots as tickles your fancy while on tour of the mosque.
Zuma Rock
2 Hours
Explore the large monolith, an igneous intrusion composed of gabbro and granodiorite located just at the borderline between Abuja and Niger state. It is often referred to as "the gateway to Abuja from Suleja". The rock is unique with an impression of a human face you see on the rock. The rock majestically presides over its surrounding landscape Visit the rock that is said to catch fire during the rainy season. Tourists also get to enjoy the ambience in the adjourning golf resort beside the rock.
Ushafa Pottery Center
2 Hours
The Ushafa pottery village is a center where the making of traditional pottery can be observed. The center has become a famous stop for visiting heads of state and it's pots are of commercial importance. If you like d├ęcor, then you just might just grab one or two pots as souvenirs.
Abuja Arts & Crafts Village
1 Hour
The arts and crafts village is likened to a walk into a haven of creativity. Established in 2003 for the exhibition of Arts and Crafts during the commonwealth meeting for various heads of government, the Abuja Arts and Craft has since become a major tourist attraction in Abuja. Enjoy the sights of the rustic setting with thatched houses and hut - like structures and a congregation of talented artists.
Jabi Boat Club
1 Hour
Jabi boat club is designed to offer water based recreational facilities. You also get to view the lake and it's beautiful surrounding. Enjoy a 15 minutes boat cruise (Ad-on), on the Jabi lake and settle in for a sumptuous sea meal (Ad-on), to mark the end of your trip.
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Niger State
Gurara Waterfall
Explore the majestic Gurara waterfalls located in the outskirt of Abuja. A refreshing time awaits you.

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