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Mount Patti

Have you ever heard about Mount Patti? Mount Patti is an outstanding tourist spot in the heart of Lokoja, Kogi state. Lokoja is Nigeria's first capital.

Lokoja is never lacking in breath-taking views whch has continually amazed many. The majestic River Niger and River Benue and the scenic splendour of their confluence can be seen from the top of Mount Patti, a height of about 458m above sea level.

From every part of the city of Lokoja, Mount Patti can be seen as its peak juts out into the sky. Mount Patti stands tall in the annala of Nigeria history. it is the birth place of Nigeria as the inspiration to christen the geographical entity came from the mountain top. The mountain top was developed by Lord Lugard, the british administrator who almagamated the Northern and the Southern protectorate in 1914. He built a relaxation spot where he went every evening. The spot is still standing till date.

Flora Shaw, while relaxing on a cool evening, mooted to Lord Lugard, the idea of naming the vast place "Niger Area" and Nigeria for short.

You will be glad you took this trip to further enrich your knowledge of the history Nigeria.

Your Daycation at the Mount Patti, Lokoja include:

  • Airconditioned Ground Transportation
  • Lunch and Drink
  • Fun games
  • Boat Cruise
  • Tour and Access Fees
  • Many More Side Attractions.

Items to come along with include:

Sun-hats, Sun glasses, Hike shoes, Alcohol (if you desire). Remember to be compact with your items so you don't inconvenience others on the Bus and dress casually smart