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Summer Vacation

Ekiti/Ondo/Osun & Lagos
Tour Type: Vacation
09 Days 08 Nights
N259,600 Per Person (2 in a room)

A Vacation Well Deserved.

With or without school aged-children, people do most of their traveling over summer time. The season is just about everywhere, and prices will be higher and crowds somehow more crowded, except for the Covid-19 situation. Time to have summer vacation in Nigeria. 

You’ll experience landscapes, communities, and events in ways you can’t any other time of the year, from the cascades of Arinta waterfall to the rolling hills of Idanre and Osun Osogbo festivals. Whether you’re looking to go north, or south, Motley has you covered, as you plan your perfect summer vacation.
Package Included/Excluded
  • Ground Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast & Dinner
  • Tours & Activities
  • Travel Insurance & Security
  • Flight Ticket
Destination Map Location
Day 1
Ado Ekiti
Arrival at Ikogosi Warm Spring

We can facilitate your arrival to Ado Ekiti, the Ekiti state capital as tourists are expected to come from across Nigeria for the vacation. Tourists are then conveyed to the Ikogosi Warm Spring resort where the vacation experience starts. 

Tourists are treated to a cultural display and entertainment before proceeding for check-in procedures. After the welcome reception and check-in, you are given the time for rest and relaxation, preparatory to the line up of activities for your vacation. This is also a great opportunity to familiarize with other tourists who have come from different part of the country. 

New friends are made from this point and it goes a long way to dictate the mood for the rest of the tour. A welcome dinner is served at the restaurant and this also give further room to bond with your new friends, family and loved ones. 

Overnight Stay at the Ikogosi Resort. (Spring View)

Day 2
Ikogosi Warm Spring
Palace Visit & Arinta waterfall
Wake up to an interesting morning workout at the basketball court. This is a brief session to keep your body in shape for the coming adventure scheduled for the day. 

After Breakfast, take a tour of the Warm Spring, where you get to explore the warm and cold spring flowing to meet at a confluence where two trees grow symbiotically. Its amazing what nature does.

Visit the Palace of the Olupole of Ipole and experience first hand the culture of the people and their way of life. From the palace, you will take a drive to Arinta Waterfalls where the wonders of nature awaits you. Interestingly, the Arinta waterfall responds to the shouts of excitement while you are there. The louder your shouts, the more the cascade of water. This is such an amazing sight to behold.

After a great time at the waterfall, it will be time to return to the resort for lunch, then take some rest before setting out for the evening activity which includes children's play park, a stroll through Ikogosi town, visit the Erijiyan fish river and other fun games and activities lined up to make your evening a memorable one. 

After dinner, you may wish to still spend more time at the swimming pool or even have a sit-out with friends and talk under the beautiful moonlight. 

Overnight Stay at the Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort.

Day 3
Ondo State
Depart Ikogosi Warm Spring for Ondo State
As you wake up to nature, you may wish to join other tourists for a morning workout. Gymnasium and Yoga Session is scheduled. 

After Breakfast, we will be visiting the palace of the Ewi of Ado Ekiti on a city/palace tour. This gives you an opportunity to experience the tradition of the Ekiti people and the palace as the custodian of the rich culture and tradition.

From the palace, the tour moves to Ondo state with a stop at the palace of the Olowo of Owo. Explore the national museum situated within the palace to learn about the cultural similarities between the Ondo and Edo people.

Enjoy the culinary treat of the Owo people at lunch. After the palace and museum tour, we proceed to check in at the hotel and take a deserved rest for the day.

You may wish to join other tourists at the swimming pool/bar area for some evening hangout with a live band display.

Overnight Stay at the Blissy World Hotel.
Day 4
Experience the Ancient Idanre & Hills
After Breakfast and scheduled workout, the days activity is set to commence with a visit to the ancient town of Idanre to experience the town and its people especially the Idanre hills.

Upon arrival, tourists are introduced to the environment and attraction. A tour guide is assigned to take you up the mountain which is about 660 steps. Be sure to grab a bottle of water and glucose to give you energy while climbing to the mountain top. There are five resting points before getting to the mountain top, so no worries about getting exhausted. Take as much pictures as you can with the fascinating view from the top of the mountain.

When you descend from the mountain, you are probably tired and famished. A local delicacy is served at lunch. Tourists are able to spend some time at the recreational facilities before departing the town of Idanre. Travel Time is approximately 1 hr. We will make a quick stop at the palace of the Deji of Akure.

The day should be far spent at this point, so you deserve some rest and Relaxation / Swimming Evening Stroll in the Neighborhood and possibly go Shopping (if you wish).

Dinner is served.
Overnight Stay.
Day 5
Osun State
Explore Olumirin Waterfall
After Breakfast, the tour departs for Osun state with a stop over at the Olumirin Waterfall where you get to experience nature at its best. The waterfall has 7 levels of cascade and tourists barely get to the third cascade level. You have the time to play around the falls, bask in the cascadde of water and take lots of pictures while at it.
Other activities scheduled for the day include a visit to the Palace of the Ooni of Ife, Opa Oranmiyan, Moremi Statue, Oduduwa palace and a tour of the great Ile Ife - the cradle of human race.

Enjoy, yet another culinary experience at the resort for dinner. You may also wish to relax and hangout at the arena where you are thrilled to a live band display, barbeque and other activities to spend the evening. Its time to say goodbye to Ondo state. The tour is getting more interesting and you probably have lots of story to tell. 
From the waterfall, we proceed to check in at the Ife Grand Resort in Ile-Ife where you will have lunch and some rest.

Day 6
Experience Osun Osogbo Festival
Its a great day and a very big day for the people of Osun state. Its the osun Osogbo festival. Tourists would have an early starter with breakfast served earlier than usual and then proceed to the tour bus for the trip to Osogbo. First point of call is the residence of Susuan Wenger. You will get to see the beautiful priestesses as they prepare to join the procession. You will be briefly introduced to the residence and shown around to understand the life and times of the late "Yeye Osun".
The tour bus join the entourage from the residence to the palace of the Ataoja where the festival starts. there are lots of display and the height of the festival is when the "Arugba" emerges to the public and the procession continues to the Osun Osogbo groove. The Arugba is usually a virgin who carries prayers and supplications to the goddess of the river Osun. This activity is mostly spiritual and tourists can choose to join to watch or simply engage in sightseeing.

All tourists are given a time to return to the bus before the event ends so we can navigate the traffic and continue with the rest of the day's activities.

We return to Ile Ife to explore the zoological garden where there are wildlife kept in a replica of a natural environment.

Overnight Stay at Ife grand resort.

Day 7
Lagos State
Tour departs for Lagos
Its day 7 and a whole lot has gone into the vacation, with memories created. After Breakfast, the tour departs Ile Ife to Lagos where you get to experience some luxury and beach living. 

The drive from Ife to the Whispering Palms Resort is about 4 hours.

After check-in to the Whispering Palms Resort, you sure will be enchanted by the ambience. There is the high tendency to first explore before going into your room. Not to worry, your distraction is accommodated in the trip. Take your time and when you are ready to go in, your concierge is available to take you in.

After a well deserved rest, tourists will have lunch at the restaurant and continue the fun and adventure on the resort. Arrival at the resort changes everything, from the renewed excitement and feeling of a great tour experience to the warm embrace of the aquatic splendor of Lagos. Take your private time and prepare for the adventure slated for the next day as you explore Gberefu Island.

Dinner is served at the restaurant and overnight stay at the resort.
Day 8
Whispering Palm Resort
Explore Gberefu Island
Wake up to the cool and gentle breeze blowing from the lagoon as the sun rises with a beautiful glow over the palm trees. Spend some time at the scheduled workout before breakfast is served.

After breakfast, you will be ready for a trip to the Gberefu Island. First stop will be the Slave Baraccoon then the First Storey building in Nigeria. Others include the heritage museum and slave museum. After this, you will proceed on a boat ride to the point of no return to see the attenuation wells before heading to the Atlantic ocean where you will spend great time picnicking by the beach with some good entertainment to go along.
Lunch is served by the beach, so you would have enough time to catch some fun. After the day's adventure, you will retire to the resort for relaxation. Other games and entertainment scheduled at the resort will be up for the evening, be sure to be part of it.

Dinner is served. Overnight stay at the Whispering Palms Resort.

Day 9
Lagos State
The tour comes to an end and tourists will be conveyed back to the start point or as communicated at the time of booking your tour.

Take some time to come back here to share your experience as others are waiting to experience same as you have done.

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