Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Gurara Waterfalls

This impressive waterfall, an hour 30 minutes drive from Abuja, is 30 metres tall with a span of up to 200 metres across, dependent on the season. There are two main streams of water crashing over the cliff face, however during the height of rainy season the whole cliff face is engulfed by a formidable curtain of white water.

The Gurara river is a large tributary of the famous River Niger and is most impressive after the rainy season when the water becomes a raging torrent while in January, during the dry season and when water levels are low, there are clear pools at the bottom of the falls in which visitors can swim. 

What's Included

Air conditioned Transportation (Return) / Goodie bag / Refreshment / Travel Insurance / Access Fees / Swimming / Hiking. You can also get to watch the birds as they sing their sonorous sounds into the air. 

What to come along with

it’s a picnic kind of getaway, so you might want to come with sun hat, sun glasses, swim wear, drinks and food if you so desire to keep yourself more relaxed with nature.


You are at liberty to choose your date for your getaway.


Group of 3 - NGN 30,000

Couple (2) - NGN 25,000

Solo Tourist - NGN 15,000

(Pricing options varies for groups / individuals exceeding 3 Nos.)



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